The Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila, founded in 1970, has been an avant-garde institute since the early years following its foundation, and the artists who have taught there, and that will teach you as well, have developed a personal formation that is in-line with current research, experimentation, and artistic production. This institute has preserved its own unique features over time, based on a training course that combines theory with practice and experimentation with tradition. In fact, alongside the traditional art studios, high-tech laboratories have been created such as computer rooms and classrooms for both 3D printing and modeling. In short, these dichotomous classrooms give each student the opportunity to broaden their skills and to express their full creative potential.

The spaces dedicated to the teaching of Visual Arts have been expanded thanks to a proper atelier not far from the main campus. This space offers not only educational moments, but is also an important place for the whole city to exhibit and hold discussions about  arts.

In this sense, the Academy of Fine Arts benefits from a structure unrivaled in Italy: a real working theatre where students and teachers can discuss and collaborate with the realities of professional production.

Many works  were done by our  Scenography, Graphic Design and Restoration courses , especially the latter, which has contributed to the restoration of the historical and artistic assets of the city, in addition to conducting research on color and the role that art plays in urban spaces. These are important works for a city like L’Aquila, where there is so much to rebuild, not only on a material level.

Through many years of nurturing international relations, The Academy of Fine Arts gives the opportunity to students who wish to have an experience abroad, and consequently gives a similar opportunity to foreign students who wish to experience the beauty of Italian artistic works. Our experience, through our teachers, has been brought abroad thanks to the Erasmus project, that is both an educational and   a stimulating experience, and we are working towards the betterment of this proposal as we are convinced of its success.

The reformation of Higher Education in Art, Music, and Dance began with Law 508/99, and has led to the equipollence between academic and university qualifications, and moreover, thanks to Law n.228, since December 24th, 2012, the equivalences have been definitively established.

This website provides information regarding our educational programs and gives a general overview regarding the work that is currently being carried out at the Institute, but we are also available for anyone who may wish to receive more in-depth information and that would like to personally visit the Academy prior to registering in any of our courses.


You’re all welcome here.

Professor Marco Brandizzi, Director