Open the page “SERVIZI PER GLI STUDENTI” of Isidata from the link:

Choose from the drop-down menu “L’Aquila”. Insert the code (codice) and password provided by the Student Office. (In case of password loss, choose “L’Aquila” from the drop down menu and insert the email address connected to the Academy data and click on “Richiedi”. The system will send the credentials to the registered e-mail)

Click on 1. Gestione Dati principale

Select the page “Gestione esami”

To book exams not yet completed click on the following icon positioned on the green line:

After clicking the following window will open:

Click on “Salva la Prenotazione”

If you find the value 0000/0000 next to te A.A. (Academic Year) it means that the Academy hasn’t opened up bookings yet.

Once the exam is booked, you will find a check in the “In esame” box in the brown field that highlights the reservation.

The booking request must be printed or saved in pdf format and kept by the student as a receipt of the reservation up to the day of the exam. Delivery to the Student Office is not required.

To print or save the reservation request click on “Stampa domanda di prenotazione esami”: